Being True to Yourself at a Bar

Not caring what the world thinks of you is an immensely powerful mindset to have. Society constantly puts pressure on those of us who are different to conform to the rigid ideals that groupthink has led to people believing in. Suffice it to say that there is no real consensus. The notion that there is any one single normal way to behave is a myth, a falsehood and quite frankly an affront to the human spirit. You are who you are and you don’t need to make any excuses for it when you go to a bar.

Since bars tend to have lots of people in them, you should expect to feel some of the social pressure that we are talking about above. Don’t let this pressure get to you. You should always be true to yourself at bars Washington Ave Houston. Try doing the exact opposite of what everyone wants you to do. Is everyone pouring a drink into glasses? Try pouring it directly into your mouth. People dancing on the dance floor? Drag your stool to that area and sit down on it instead.

Being your own person is a very freeing sort of experience. Nobody has the courage to be true to themselves anymore. Instead they try to mold themselves into someone that society might just think is acceptable. There is no true order to the universe, so the opportunity is ripe for you here to forge a path that no one has followed before. The bars of the world need more individuality in them, and by being yourself you could very well start a movement that could spread to each and every corner of the world and change it.