Swimming Lessons for Children

Most children start taking swimming lessons from 3 years old.

Here are some tips on how to make this whole swimming learning process enjoyable:

Choose the right swimming school: research and choose the right school. You need a school that is kind, friendly and uses the correct methods to learn to swim. Talk to your friends and get their recommendations. Do not choose a school solely because of its proximity to your place of residence. In addition, different schools use different teaching methods. Some baby swimming lessons Singapore schools are very focused on the right approach, from the first class. Others concentrate on correcting the stroke at a later stage.

Swimming Lessons for Children

Preparation for the swimming lesson. It is probably a good idea to buy a waterproof swimming bag. – Good investment. Before going to class, be sure to have a towel, swimsuit, swimming cap, glasses and extra clothes to change clothes.

In summary

If you have trouble putting the swimming cap on the baby’s head, place a little talcum powder and clean it so that it is evenly distributed around the inside of the hat. Make sure your swimming goggles are not too tight. If your child trembles violently while in the water, this will make your child feel uncomfortable. Rub your Vaseline on your baby’s leg and other exposed parts of the body. This will reduce the chills. If this is still a serious problem, then buy a specially designed swimsuit, a suit specifically designed to make you feel warmer.