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The proper measurements for installing stair chair lift

Pondering purchasing and introducing your own step lift? In the present web showcase, the pattern is moving towards client well disposed items. Makes are creating and delivering items that a normal shopper or mortgage holder can introduce with standard family instruments in only a couple of hours. The initial step all step lift fabricates requires from the client or mortgage holder before an item is made and dispatched are the estimations of the flight of stairs. It is exceptionally simple to gauge for your new step lift. All you need is a decent quality measuring tape to take care of business. Before you start to quantify, take an overall diagram of your flight of stairs format and choose which side of the flight of stairs the step lift will be mounted on, when seen from the base. Normally, step lifts can be introduced on either side of the flight of stairs. Contingent upon the design, pick the best side where it will be the least demanding to jump on and off the lift keeping away from any obstructions at the top or base.

Most step lifts mount to the flight of stairs track and not the divider. So no dividers are essential for most step lift structures. Ensure you comprehend fabricates configuration to guarantee this is the situation. Since you have chosen which side of the flight of stairs the step stair lift will be mounted, follow the means beneath to take appropriate estimations. Continuously measure twice. All estimations ought to be recorded in inches. The accompanying 7 estimations are required to decide whether a step lift application will work for your portability needs.


  1. By and large Length – This is the most important estimation. This decides the length of rail you will requirement for the lift. To acquire this estimation remain at the head of your steps, expand your tap measure until it is laying on all the step tracks and the tip of the measuring tape is contacting the arrival at the base of the means. What number of inches is it from the base arrival to the head of the upper arrival? Record this number.
  2. Top Stair to Bottom Stair – Measure from the edge of the top advance to the edge of the base advance.
  3. Width – Measure the width of your flight of stairs from one end to the other or inside width of the flight of stairs. As a rule this will be one end to the other.
  4. Base Clearance – If there is a divider or an entryway at the base of the means, place the start of the measuring tape toward the start of the door jamb or divider and stretch out until you arrive at the base of you step divider. Note: This ought to be done on the off chance that you have a divider arrival or entryway at the head of the means too and include a number eight 8 estimation and imprint that as the top freedom.